World Travel Expo




World Travel Expo aims to be the marketing platform for the travel industry. The event will serve as a channel between the international and national tour operators, airline companies, and travel  authorities.

WTE also aims to be included in the international calendar of fairs starting now and in the upcoming years to serve as a support for everybody who plans their holidays and vacation trips. The event will consist of conferences, workshops and activities related to travel and tourism which can provide useful and helpful information for both the exhibitors and visitors.




SMX Manila-Final


Our company, AD ASIA CONVENTIONS & EXHIBITIONS INTERNATIONAL CORP. (AD ASIA), a group of genuinely dedicated individuals that advocates in championing, supporting and promoting the best local and international travel options especially for the coming holiday season, has formed a team to bring you an ultimate deal and affordable quality prices for travelers who will benefit from getting information on places to visit as well as transportation and accomodation opportunities.